About UKIP Mid-Ulster

Alan Day will be standing in the Mid-Ulster constituency for UKIP.

Alan Day PPC & Paul Nuttall MEP

Alan Day is a 39 year old self-employed computer technician and also works in the CCTV/Security industry – born in Germany, largely reared in Scotland and living in Northern Ireland since 1999 when he became his grandmothers carer. He attended Dunmow High School in Essex and Kirkcudbright Academy in Dumfries and Galloway. He has a keen interest in Ulster-Scots history, culture and music being a member of the South Londonderry Ulster-Scots Association. This interest extends to British & Irish history with a particular interest in Military history. Alan was a member of TS John Paul Jones (Sea Cadets) in Kirkcudbright. Alan is a member of Salterstown LOL 482 and District Secretary for Ballyronan District LOL No 7 and attends the Free Presbyterian Church. Alan has a strong interest in politics, combining his interest with technology, he often blogs on the Slugger O Toole (Northern Ireland politics and culture) blog as well as maintaining The Orange Chronicle & Ulster-Scots Online websites and Facebook pages. Alan has been married for 4 ½ years to his wife Michelle and has a 2 year old daughter, Hannah.  Alan stood for the Cookstown DEA in the 2014 Mid-Ulster Super council elections. Alan can be followed on twitter @CoaghUKIP and on Facebook at facebook.com/CoaghUKIP or at website www.midulsterukip.co.uk .


The below 2014 campaign will be updated shortly to reflect the 2015 manifesto. 

UKIP in Mid-Ulster will campaign on the following issues:

– campaign to remove anyone on the minimum wage from paying income tax (Mid-Ulster has the lowest average wages in Northern Ireland/UK). – campaign for community policing based on preventing crime rather than policing based on targets & conviction rates.
– campaign for better rural broadband.

– campaign for better mobile phone reception around Coagh.

– campaign for an in/out referendum on the European Union.

– seek council efficiencies & reduction in ‘fat cat’ pay allowing money to get spent on better essential services.

– campaign for commonsense immigration policies based on skills (like Australia & USA).

– support our grammar school system whilst seeking great schools for all our children.

– campaign to address educational underachievement in specific sections of our young people.

– campaign to address high unemployment in our young people

– support World War 1 centenary projects in the district

– implementing the Military Covenant in full

– campaign on Victims issue

– campaign on Carers issues

– campaign to address fuel poverty in terms of the price of home heating oil & electricity prices as well as the cost of petrol & diesel in a rural area highly dependent on cars.

– support a smaller Assembly & the creation of an official opposition in the Northern Ireland Assembly