Mid-Ulster UKIP Assembly candidate criticises UUP over Stormont opposition & EU stance

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Mid-Ulster UKIP Assembly candidate criticises UUP over Stormont opposition & EU stance

Mid-Ulster UKIP Assembly candidate Alan Day has stated “The Ulster Unionist Party`s positions on a Stormont opposition and leaving the EU are illogical.  The UUP are playing hokey cokey with opposition and are now saying they may reenter the Executive after the Assembly elections.  You are either in favour of an opposition or not. The ‘Our Vision for You, The Voter’ document then seeks to scaremonger over Scottish Independence should the UK seek to leave the undemocratic EU”
“Similar scaremongering from others over a second Scottish independence referendum is also bogus.  Would Scotland really leave the UK (who it exports £47.6bn) in order to remain in EU to whom it exports £11.7bn (£13bn to the rest of the world too)? Scotland would have to apply for EU membership, adopt the Euro and then according to their own argument end up with trade barriers with its largest trading partner..
Sinn Fein have repeatedly stated we would lose out financially if the UK left the European Union.
Dr Graham Gudgin at the recent Westminster meeting by the NI Affairs Committee discussion “Brexit” said “Northern Ireland contributes about as much to EU as it gets back. The most important funding it gets is CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)” – the UK as a whole is a huge net contributor to the EU.
MEP Martina Anderson recently said “UK exit would be “detrimental for Ireland, particularly for all Ireland integration”.  This is telling in that Sinn Fein recognise the EU has removed UK sovereignty.
She also said “60% of exports originating from the north go to the EU.”
I would take her to task on these figures and point out that Northern Ireland exports for 2014 totalled £14bn – of which £8bn went to the rest of the UK whilst a further £3bn went to the EU (of which £2bn went to the Republic of Ireland ) & £3bn to rest of the world.  She failed tomention the absolute devastation of our fishing communities (right across the UK & Ireland) due to EU quotas.
I welcome the recent launch of the cross party Grassroots Out campaign (UKIP, Conservative, Labour & DUP) and the announcement that 15 “Brexit` groups are to merge into GO.  I look forward to articulating the eurosceptic viewpoint in Mid Ulster and Northern Ireland in the coming weeks.
Further info:
Founding Member of Grassroots Out, Tom Pursglove MP, speaks at the Manch… https://youtu.be/EfkSUTVmmbU via @YouTube
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DUP vote will weaken the open Internet

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The EU including the Diane Dodds MEP recently voted through various motions on the internet and mobile roaming charges.

Whilst the scrapping of mobile roaming charges had garnered the headlines, the reality is that most customers will end up with higher bills at home to compensate the large mobile operators drop in revenue – directly affecting poorer families.

The proposals on the Internet were opposed by various technology firms and no less than Tim Berners-Lee the founder of the Internet.

So called Fast lanes will make it harder for anyone who can’t pay extra fees —start-ups, small businesses, artists, activists, and educators in Europe and around the globe.

The vote also allows ISPs to define classes of services, and speed up or slow down traffic in those classes, even in the absence of congestion.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee had stated that “If adopted as currently written, these rules will threaten innovation, free speech and privacy, and compromise Europe’s ability to lead in the digital economy.”

Alan Day
UKIP Mid-Ulster

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