Day Reiterates UKIP’s Opposition To Same Sex Marriage

Press Release by Mid Ulster UKIP

Day Reiterates UKIP’s Opposition To Same Sex Marriage

In light of the upcoming vote on gay marriage in the Assembly on Tuesday 29th April UKIP’s Mid Ulster Spokesman and local council candidate Alan Day has reaffirmed his opposition to the Sinn Fein backed proposal.

Alan says, “No government has the right to redefine marriage. Personally, I believe that marriage is constituted for the lifelong union of man and woman, for the procreation of children. I believe traditional marriage remains the most stable way for children to be raised, and should be supported and protected by government.”

UKIP’s Regional Leader David McNarry MLA has confirmed that he will be voting against the proposal in the Assembly, stating, “Despite what some might pretend, this is not a matter of equality. Civil partnerships already provide homosexual and lesbian couples with the same rights as married heterosexual couples in Northern Ireland.

“Proposals to introduce homosexual and lesbian ‘marriage’, represent unacceptable intrusion by the state into matters of personal conscience. In a truly free society, such interference must be strongly resisted. That’s why I will once again be voting against the introduction of legislation to facilitate homosexual and lesbian ‘marriage’.”


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