Response to local farmer Colin Gibson

Press Release

Farmers would have a brighter future outside of the EU

UKIP Mid Ulster Assembly candidate Alan Day responds to local Mid Ulster farmer Colin Gibson

Alan Day stated “UK Farm Minister George Eustice has outlined plans for farmers should we vote to leave the undemocratic European Union. I welcome his commitment that “The UK government will continue to support farming and the environment financially. ”

The NFU`s recent report concludes that “Price changes due to a Brexit have a positive impact on farm incomes in all sectors under the FTA and WTO-default scenario.” so long as current levels of subsidies are maintained

Alan continued “Under such circumstances I have no doubt that we would strike a free trade deal. Last year the UK exported £7.5bn worth of food to the EU but we imported food worth £18bn. We have an annual trade deficit with the EU in food alone of £10bn so they need a free-trade deal.”

“The EU budget is under strain and CAP funding will be targeted in the coming years. EU regulations have decimated our fishing industries. Farmers are marching in London due to the plight of the industry and figures from the Scottish government show that farm incomes in Scotland have halved between 2010-2014. Far better that our own democratically elected government is in control whereby a UK Farm Payment would replace the EU one. Maintaining existing funding levels would only use a fraction the £19bn we send to the EU annually. Indeed it may be the case that such powers would be devolved after `Brexit`.

Brexit would allow farmers to do better if the Government continues with the current level of area payments and the Government would be better off too. The UK currently contributes an estimated €7.9bn to the CAP budget, from which its farmers receive €3.8bn. The current level of area payments can be retained with a saving of €4.1bn.”


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