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UKIP Northern Ireland Westminster manifesto 2015: Download

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What a UKIP Government will do for Northern Ireland?

Policies for People

2015 Westminster Election Manifesto National & Local Assurances 

Peace, Prosperity, Protection and Power where it belongs, with the People 


The National Health Service

UKIP will ensure the full return and emphasis on TOTAL PATIENT CARE.

This should take precedence over the various administrative initiatives or research and analysis of social care campaigns which have little or no impact on total patient care and cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

• UKIP will ensure the NHS is free, at the point of need, for all Northern Ireland residents. UKIP will demand a better deal for carers.

• UKIP will ensure that GPs’ surgeries are open at least one evening per week, where there is demand for it.

• UKIP opposes plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

• We will ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK.

• UKIP opposes the sale of NHS data to third parties.

• We will ensure foreign health service professionals coming to work in the NHS are properly qualified and can speak English to a standard acceptable to the profession.

• UKIP will amend working time rules to give trainee doctors, surgeons and medics the proper environment to train and practise.

• There will be a duty on all health service staff to report low standards of care.


Prioritising Education and Skills

Subject to academic performance, UKIP will remove tuition fees for students taking approved degrees in Science, Medicine, Technology, Engineering and Maths on the condition that they work in their discipline and pay tax in the UK for five years after completion of their degrees.

• UKIP will scrap the target of 50% of school leavers going to university.

• Students from the EU will pay the same fee rates as international students.

• UKIP is committed to creating an education system that works for every child, irrespective of their background or academic ability.

• UKIP will actively protect existing Grammar Schools from any change in their status.

• UKIP wants to see a range of secondary schools, grammar, vocational and technical schools, all with a new sense of mission built around the need to train a skilled workforce to generate new businesses and attract inward investment.

• UKIP will introduce an option for students to take an Apprenticeship Qualification locally instead of four non-core GCSEs which can be continued at A-Level. Students can take up apprenticeships in jobs with certified professionals qualified to grade the progress of the student.

• Schools will be investigated by the NI Education and Training Inspectorate on the presentation of a petition signed by 25% of the parents or Governors.


Controlling and Managing our Borders

• UKIP recognises the benefits of limited, controlled immigration.

• UKIP will leave the EU, and take back control of our borders. Work permits will be permitted to fill skills gaps in the UK jobs market.

• We will introduce an Australian-style points system to control immigration. This system will treat all migrants equally, wherever they come from in the world.

• Time-limited work permits will be granted to fill skills gaps in the UK jobs market.

• Migrants must have approved health insurance. They will only be eligible for benefits, or able to apply for permanent residence, after they have paid tax and National Insurance for five years.

• UKIP will reinstate the primary purpose rule for bringing foreign spouses and children to the UK.

• UKIP will not offer an amnesty for illegal immigrants or those gaining British passports through fraud.

• UKIP will return to the principles of the UN Convention of Refugees which serves to protect the most vulnerable.

• UKIP will regularly review the immigration impact on Northern Ireland communities relevant to numbers, school places, health appointments, benefits and crime.


Protecting Jobs and Increasing Prosperity

• We would review all legislation and regulations from the EU (at least

3,600 new laws since 2010) and remove those which hamper British prosperity and competitiveness.

• We would negotiate a bespoke trade agreement with the EU to enable our businesses to continue trading to mutual advantage.

• UKIP would not seek to remain in the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) or European Economic Area (EEA) while those treaties maintain a principle of free movement of labour, which prevents the UK managing its own borders.

• We would reoccupy the UK’s vacant seat at the World Trade Organisation, ensuring that we continue to enjoy ‘most favoured nation’ status in trade with the EU, as is required under WTO rules.


Employment and Small Businesses

• Businesses will be able to prioritise young British workers.

• We will take action to help end late payments by big companies.

• UKIP will grow Northern Ireland’s small business confidence.

• We will conduct a skills review to better inform our education system and qualifications.

• Councils will be encouraged to provide more free parking for the high street.

• Planning regulations and licences will be simplified for commercial property vacant for over a year.


Repairing the UK Economy & Benefiting Northern Ireland

• UKIP will increase the personal allowance to at least £13,000 so those on minimum wage will not pay tax.

• We will introduce a 35p income tax rate between £42,285 and £55,000, whereupon the 40p rate becomes payable.

• Inheritance tax will be abolished.

• When we leave the EU, UKIP will prevent large corporations choosing which country to pay their tax in. They must then pay their full share of UK taxes.

• UKIP will not introduce a Mansion Tax.


Building a Positive Prosperity

UKIP are committed to ensuring Northern Ireland’s equitable share in the UKs prosperity growing its economy and offering opportunities to improve the quality of life, attain the highest standards of Education, look after pensioners and build a better local economy. UKIP respect the Northern Ireland work ethic and recognise the difficulties in recovering from 40 years of terrorism. Prosperity in Northern Ireland is a UKIP priority. UKIP will include in Northern Ireland’s prosperity the Welfare of innocent terrorist victims.


Local Housing

UKIP will prioritise ‘brownfield sites’ and empty homes over the green belt to create housing. We will also give the final say about whether large-scale developments should be built to local people, and make sure local people are given priority for social housing. We will also tackle homelessness.


Welfare and Childcare

• UKIP opposes the bedroom tax because it operates unfairly, penalising those who are unable to find alternative accommodation and taking insufficient account of the needs of families and the disabled.

• Child benefit is only to be paid to children permanently resident in the UK and future child benefit to be limited to the first two children only.

• UKIP will ensure there is an initial presumption of 50/50 shared parenting in child custody matters and grandparents will be given visitation rights.

• UKIP supports a simplified, streamlined welfare system and a benefit cap.

• UKIP will outlaw local tax-dodging and benefit fraud.


Reducing Debts We Leave To Our Grandchildren

• UKIP will leave the EU and save at least £8bn pa in net contributions.

• UKIP will cut the foreign aid budget by £9bn pa prioritising disaster relief and schemes which provide water and inoculation against preventable diseases.

• UKIP will scrap the EU-driven HS2 project which is uneconomical and unjustified.

• UKIP will make cuts to Westminster departments and their running costs where it is clear they do not deliver value for money.

• UKIP will fight for a better deal for savers, pensioners and families.


Agriculture and Fishing

UKIP will stand up for Northern Ireland Farmers and Fishermen. No farmer will be worse off when the country votes to leave the EU. Fishermen will be better treated. UKIP is committed to removing the bungling, unelected bureaucratic stranglehold Brussels has on Northern Ireland’s farmers. UKIP pledge to eliminate the administrative restrictions associated with the EU. Northern Ireland has the world’s best Agri-Food industry, let’s keep it that way.

UKIP is committed to returning the sea to the local fishing industry. UKIP pledge to ensure that British waters are reserved for British-owned, registered and crewed vessels. UKIP remain solidly supportive of lifelong opportunities for those working in the fishing industry and their local communities. UKIP recognise that both Farming and Fishing are tough careers which should provide better rewards for today and future generations. UKIP will fight to protect farming and fishing and maintain these industries to the fore of economic investment. A


Law & Order

• UKIP will reverse the government’s opt-in to EU law and justice measures, including the European Arrest Warrant and European Investigation Order. We will replace the EAW with appropriate bi-lateral agreements.

• UKIP will not give prisoners the vote.

• Foreigners who commit crimes in Britain will be deported.

• UKIP will withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

• We will repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a new British Bill of Rights. The interests of law-abiding citizens and victims will always take precedence over those of criminals.



• UKIP recognises and values a unifying British culture, which is open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.

• UKIP will ensure that the law is rigorously enforced in relation to ‘cultural’ practices which are illegal in Britain, such as forced marriages, FGM and so-called ‘honour killings’.

• We will review the BBC Licence Fee with a view to its reduction. Prosecution of non-payments of the Licence Fee would be taken out of the criminal sphere and made a civil offence.

• UKIP will amend the smoking ban to give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms properly ventilated and separated from non-smoking areas. Workers will not be required to enter when these areas are in use.

• UKIP opposes the prevention of local legal expressions of cultural identity by the Parades Commission. A



• UKIP will repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 which costs the economy £18bn a year.

• UKIP supports a diverse energy market including coal, nuclear, shale gas, geo-thermal, tidal, solar, conventional gas and oil.

• We will scrap the Large Combustion Plant Directive and encourage the re-development of British power stations, as well as industrial units providing on-site power generation.

• UKIP supports the development of shale gas with proper safeguards for the local environment. Community Improvement Levy money from the development of shale gas fields will be earmarked for lower council taxes or community projects within the local authority being developed.

• There will be no new subsidies for wind farms and solar arrays.

• UKIP will abolish green taxes and charges in order to reduce fuel bills.



UKIP will push for a proper local transport system which meets the passenger’s needs. Community transport and disability requirements remain our priorities. UKIP will stop wastefulness by public transport carriers.

• UKIP will maintain concessionary bus passes.

• UKIP will require foreign lorries to purchase a Britdisc, before entry to the UK, in order to contribute to the upkeep of UK roads and any lost fuel duty.

• UKIP will ensure that speed cameras are used as a deterrent and not a revenue raiser for local authorities.


Military Covenant

• UKIP will offer those who have served in the Armed Forces a job in the police force, prison service or border service, with priority given to those who have serviced for at least twelve years.

• UKIP will change the points system for social housing to give priority to ex-service men and women and those returning from active service.

• A Veterans Department will bring together all veterans services to ensure servicemen and women get the after-service care they deserve.

• Veterans are to receive a Veterans’ Service Card to ensure they are fast tracked for mental health care and services, if needed.

• All entitlements will be extended to servicemen recruited from overseas.

• UKIP supports a National Service Medal for all those who have served in the armed forces.


The Northern Ireland Office 

UKIP will work to return to the Northern Ireland Office representation in the form of a Secretary of State and Ministers who are reliable Unionists.

UKIP will demand that the N.I.O. act and perform its duties in a manner which defends and upholds Northern Ireland’s status within the UK. UKIP will influence a N.I.O. presence, ‘supportive’ not neutral negative on Northern Ireland’s constitutional position.


The UKIP Role at Westminster

• UKIP will appoint a Northern Ireland spokesperson – A Shadow Secretary of State and a Secretary of State are all within UKIPs commitment to the Northern Ireland people.

• As Scottish & Welsh Offices are served by Scottish & Welsh MPs – so too will the Northern Ireland Office be served by UKIP Northern Ireland MPs.

• UKIP MPs will not just turn up for an hour for Northern Ireland Question Time to be seen on camera. UKIPs MPs will play a full role in Parliamentary business. UKIP will give Northern Ireland an influential voice equal to other regions in Government programmes.

• UKIP MPs will wholeheartedly represent the Northern Ireland Farming &


Fishing industries interests.

• UKIP MPs will be to the fore in representing Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Industry interests of Northern Ireland, boosting every opportunity to grow each sectors economy through working with the devolved Assembly.

• UKIPs MPs will maintain current outlets for trade across the United Kingdom and Europe. UKIP will also open wider access with Commonwealth, USA and South American trade areas for better business opportunities and Apprenticeships and Education opportunities.

• UKIP will pursue the investigation of recruitment of able young people wishing to pursue a career in the Armed Forces.

• UKIP will not allow Northern Ireland to be treated or viewed as some kind of regional side kick within the Westminster set up.

• UKIP can be relied on to cement Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom and strengthen its constitutional links.


2014 Local & Euro elections:

Repairing the UK

Being in the EU  costs the  UK £55m  a day

Only by leaving the EU can we begin the process of undoing the damage caused by the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.

Cutting and Controlling Immigration:
• Outside the EU, we can manage our borders and decide who we want to come and live and work in the UK. EU rules stop us from doing this.

Reducing Fuel Poverty:
• Outside the EU, we can abolish EU laws that add hundreds of pounds to household energy bills. EU rules keep energy bills high by forcing taxpayers’ money into wasteful wind turbines and solar arrays.

Lighter Regulation for Small Businesses:
• Only 5% of British companies export to the EU. Why should 100% of our businesses be subject to harmful EU regulation? Only outside the EU can we have more flexible regulations to create more jobs.

No Votes for Prisoners:
• The European Court of Human Rights – which the Lisbon Treaty forces all EU member states to sign up to – still wants to give prisoners the vote. It also prevents convicted terrorists from being deported. UKIP will leave the EU and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights. Parliament should decide fairer human rights laws.

Reclaiming our waters:
• Over the years, Britain’s coastal communities have lost thousands of jobs due to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. It has been an environmental
disaster with fish stocks dangerously low. Outside the EU, we will reclaim our territorial waters, revive our fishing towns and ports and end discards.

Saving Taxpayers’ Money:
• The EU costs the UK Government £55m a day. As the EU’s biggest customer, we are in an incredibly strong position to negotiate an amicable exit and free trade deal under existing treaties. The savings to the taxpayer would be huge.

Local Homes for Local Families:
• UKIP will prioritise social housing for those with parents and grandparents born locally.

A National, Not International, Health Service:
• It is important that everyone in the UK has access to free medical care. Visitors and migrants to the UK must show proof of health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK.

Trading Globally:
• On leaving the EU, the UK will keep the trade agreements we entered as an EU member prior to the Lisbon Treaty. Outside the EU, we can negotiate our own trade deals, but be in a stronger position, as we will be negotiating in the British interest.

Cheaper Petrol and Diesel:
• UKIP will seek to reduce fuel duty and reduce the disparity in price between diesel and petrol. Fuel duty is too high and has held the economy back.


UKIP believes that :
• Council tax should be as low as possible
• Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health, education, housing and welfare services
• Green spaces should be protected – we oppose excessive housing development, wind farms and HS2
• We need more police on the streets, cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour
• Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line staff and services
• Real decision-making should be given to local communities
• Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid and foreign wars


UKIP councillors work harder

Noticeable differences that residents have commented on are that UKIP councillors seem to be more practical and work harder than old party politicians. Whether it is cleaning up dog mess and litter from the streets, cleaning up graffiti, patrolling the streets when the police are not available, cleaning public toilets or gritting pavements, UKIP councillors roll up their sleeves and get on with the job.

In council chambers, UKIP councillors are fighting for older people’s services and accommodation, fighting to save our post offices, protecting green spaces, opposing parking charges and road tolls and fighting against wind farms and overbearing large housing estates.

The Times states that UKIP councillors have the best attendance record of all the political parties: UKIP: 92.4%, Conservative: 88.6%, Labour: 88.4%, Liberal Democrat: 87.7%, Green: 79.6%. – The Times 2nd January 2014 p.10


Common Sense Policies For Local  government across Northern ireland

For too long, politics in Northern Ireland has been about benefitting the  political elite, instead of looking after the interests of the ordinary person.
At UKIP, we want to change that. That’s why we’re committed to delivering  effective, accountable and affordable local government across Northern
Ireland, without compromising frontline services. That’s why we support:

● The introduction of minimum attendance requirements for all councilors;
● A ban on family members co-opting relatives to elected positions;
● An end to restrictions upon the recording of council meetings;
● The appropriate use of local referendums to resolve contentious local issues;
● The use of online council petitions, allowing local people to raise concerns;
● An end to the taking of minutes ‘in committee’;
● Local councils having a greater input into the planning process;
● Council business being transacted exclusively in English;
● Cutting excessive allowances and expenses;
● Slashing excessive pay deals for senior council staff;
● Limiting the number of highly-paid council employees;
● Cutting advertising and self-promotion budgets;
● Building community and economic partnerships to reduce costs;
● Abolishing non-essential and politically-correct jobs and red tape;
● The pursuit of best value and best practice at all levels of government;
● Banning the promotion of terrorism by local authorities;
● Implementing the Military Covenant in full;
● Bringing an end to ‘open door’ European immigration;
● Tackling political correctness head on;
● The Judeo Christian values which have served our country well for centuries.



We want to see Northern Ireland becoming one of the best places to live  anywhere in the world. We advocate:

● A ‘town centre’ first approach to all retail development – unless a development is of a scale which makes it inappropriate for a town centre location;
● The establishment of a single, regional shopping destination at Sprucefield and the proposed John Lewis anchored development and distribution centre;
● Excluding the Union Flag from equality legislation and requiring it to be flown permanently on all civic and public buildings;
● Ditching the EU Landfill Directive which is ill-suited to Northern Ireland;
● Introducing remote waste screening and reinstating weekly bin collections;
● Returning control of environmental matters from Brussels to Westminster, Stormont and local government.


We believe everyone in Northern Ireland is entitled to a roof over their  head. We believe too in the creation of a sustainable mix of private and
public sector housing. We promise to work towards:

● Disbanding NIHE, with housing responsibilities allocated to local councils;
● Affording priority on social housing schemes to applicants born in the UK, in a British  territory, in the Republic of Ireland before 1948, or who have served in HM Forces;
● Developing a strategic plan to guide the future size and shape of the construction  industry, allowing construction businesses to plan ahead with confidence;
● Creating vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities within the construction  industry.



UKIP believes in working with local people to build stronger, sustainable communities. We support:

● A zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour;
● 24 hour weekend availability of noise wardens where required;
● The withdrawal of the bedroom tax;
● Working through Police & Community Safety Partnerships to deliver the professional, protective and personal policing everyone in Northern Ireland deserves;
● Standing up for communities even if that means sometimes not toeing the party line;
● Tackling the scourge of fuel poverty.



Northern Ireland was once an industrial powerhouse. We believe it can be again. We’re committed to developing our economy, broadening our industrial base and reducing general taxation by:

● Targeting a 20% reduction in rate poundage in real terms, within the first tenure of each supercouncil through a focus upon efficiency savings and eliminating waste;
● Working towards the zero rating of all manufacturing sites;
● Establishing a ‘UK First’ approach to public procurement exercises and encouraging local businesses to participate in public tenders;
● Opposing the devolution of tax raising and tax varying powers;
● Eliminating waste and unnecessary bureaucracy. Taxpayers’ money should be invested in frontline services; not bureaucracy;
● Boosting our retail sector, by encouraging consumers in the Republic of Ireland to spend their money in Northern Ireland;
● Creating at least 1 Enterprise Zone in each council area, together with a regional Enterprise Zone on the former site of HMP Maze.




Northern Ireland has the highest level of fuel poverty in the United Kingdom, with more than 40% of families being defined as ‘fuel poor’. That’s wrong. To combat this, we:

● Will withdraw all renewable energy subsidies;
● Welcome the support of UKIP nationally to repeal of the Climate Change Act;
● Support Northern Ireland’s withdrawal from the All Ireland Electricity Market and the creation of a truly national UK gas and electricity supply market;
● Will oppose the development of further land based wind farms;
● Promote responsible, regulated, licensed fracking in Northern Ireland;
● Support extending mains gas to all settlements with a population > 3,000 people;
● Will introduce regulatory oversight into the heating oil industry for the first time, to benefit the 65% of families dependent upon heating oil;
● Will investigate opportunities for energy brokering and community purchasing;
● Oppose the introduction of EU inspired ‘blue flame’ technology within the oil industry;
● Propose that consistent with Hampton Principles of Good Regulation, requirements to install costly, ‘bunded’ domestic heating oil tanks will be reviewed;
● Support the extension of existing energy efficiency initiatives;
● Will work to reduce fuel poverty to <10% of the population by 2025.



As a party, which draws support from all ethnicities and from people of all faiths and none, we believe everyone is born equal. We oppose discrimination upon the basis of disability, race, denomination and sexual orientation. That’s why we:

● Will end monitoring activities within councils, which institutionalise sectarianism;
● Oppose the special treatment of any group upon the basis of ethnicity, denomination or sexual orientation;
● Will work to terminate preferential funding arrangements for minority ethnic groups;
● Support the withdrawal of financial support for languages other than English;
● Will continue to oppose homosexual and lesbian marriage, upon the basis it unacceptably compromises personal freedoms and represents unacceptable intrusion by the state in matters of personal conscience;
● Ensure public sector appointments are made solely on the basis of merit;
● Restrict state interference in our everyday lives and in matters of conscience;
● Support an exclusively scientific approach to the issue of blood donations from high-risk groups, recognising patient safety must never be compromised.



Bungling, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels currently have a stranglehold on Northern Ireland’s agri-food industry to the detriment of farms, agri-food producers and rural communities. UKIP is committed to changing that. By returning control of agricultural policy to Westminster, Stormont and local government, we can build a brighter future for rural communities across our land. We are committed to:

● Maintaining a minimum single farm payment in Northern Ireland equivalent to a minimum of £240/ha. and capped at £50k;
● Ensuring no farmer in Northern Ireland will be worse off when we leave the EU;
● Allowing ‘top slicing’ at a rate of 5% of the single farm payment, to encourage new farm enterprises and help update farm buildings and infrastructure;
● Eliminating cross compliance measures, presently required for single farm payment. Farmers will be free to farm, with compliance measures limited to:
– Maintaining hedgerows;

– Maintaining grass banks;

– Clearing out storm drains and gullies;

– Clearing snow and storm debris from the sections of road on farmers’ land.
● Overhauling the Nitrates Directive, allowing farmers to apply the right amount of slurry at the right time;
● Offering targeted grants for the provision and improvement of environmental amenities and wildlife reservoirs, increasing rural biodiversity;
● Reviewing all ASSI’s and the restrictive practices associated with them;
● Eliminating all red tape and administrative restrictions associated with the EU;
● Supporting the promotion of added value food products, through investment in advanced food processing plants and marketing;
● Further developing Northern Ireland’s global centres of excellence for plant breeding and livestock research.



No other aspect of EU policy is so clear in its toxic effect upon entire communities as the Common Fisheries Policy. The UK has some of the most productive fishing grounds in the world, which contain c.70% of fish in EU waters. Since the advent of the Common Fisheries Policy, the proportion of fish caught in British water has decreased to less than 20% of the fish we consume. To rebuild out fishing stocks and fishing fleet we must leave the EU. Therefore:

● Until we leave the EU, we will ensure the EU does not interfere in vessels less <10m;
● We will work to mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of the CFP Discards Ban;
● We will provide fishermen with a veto over the development of further offshore wind farms. All such developments must be placed beyond the horizon and must not interfere with marine navigation;
● We will require independent scientists to assess any further fishing restrictions prior to implementation, to determine whether such restrictions are genuinely required;
● We will review the Cod Recovery Programme in light of empirical evidence which suggests a significant recovery in cod stocks;
● We will work with DARD to develop a Fishing Collage where young people can acquire the required skills demanded by the modern fishing industry;
● We support the introduction of lifelong learning opportunities for everyone working in the fishing industry;
● We’ll work to ensure that British waters are reserved exclusively for British registered, owned and crewed vessels



UKIP is the only national UK party which supports leaving the EU. The UK’s membership of the EU has been disastrous. It has decimated our rural and fishing communities, wiped out entire industries and is tying us up needlessly in unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. Even today, our membership of the EU continues to increase costs, hamper competiveness and drive down wages. European migration is also increasing pressure upon local services – sometimes to breaking point. In only a few years it has left towns and villages across Northern Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom unrecognisable. At UKIP, we believe it’s time to:

● Take back £55m per day which we currently pay to the EU;
● Take back control of our borders;
● Abandon the EU Landfill Directive which increases waste disposal costs;
● End open door immigration and special treatment for European migrants;
● Introduce a strict, skills based immigration policy, allowing British industry to fast track the procurement of talent globally it cannot find locally;
● Strengthen global trade relationships, through reallocating cross-border funding to allow local businesses to exploit opportunities within fast growing BRIC and Commonwealth economies;
● End EU inspired renewable energy scams e.g. wind turbines and solar farms.


We believe too in:

● Retaining a free trade agreement with other European countries;
● Retaining the Common Travel Area within the British Isles;
● Requiring non UK residents to show adequate health insurance upon arrival, unless they are from a jurisdiction in which reciprocal healthcare arrangements apply;
● Limiting non-emergency NHS funded treatment to British citizens and those resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years;
● Working ever more closely with our partners in the Commonwealth.

Other parties might talk about leaving the EU. As a national party with an established presence across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales… UKIP is the only party, which can deliver a free, fair Northern Ireland within a stronger, independent United Kingdom.