Osborne`s Dodgy Dossier

Dear Sir / Madam
It is disgraceful that the Chancellor has sought to mislead the country through slight of hand.

His recent Pro EU treasury report “forecast a £4,300 fall in GDP per household” if the UK were to leave the EU.

However his dodgy dossier is littered with deliberate mistruths. Prime amongst these is the above figure. The first slight of hand was to portray a fall when in fact the dossier predicted both scenarios would provide growth, just one more than the other. Secondly, the dossier used the current 27 million households to calculate the 2030 GDP figure rather than its own predicted population of 31 million households in 2030. Thirdly the GDP per household figure is misleading as it includes corporate activity. Today`s GDP figure is around £67,000, disposable income (what ordinary voters actually care about) is close to £45,000. It also assumed all the downsides but failed to take account of any of the benefits of Brexit.

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