Contradictions of Gerry Adams

Press Release

Contradictions of Gerry Adams

UKIP Mid Ulster Assembly candidate Alan Day commented on calls by Gerry Adams for a fresh push for a United Ireland

Alan stated “Sinn Fein are fooling nobody but themselves. The Union is secure and will be even more secure when we leave the European Union. It is somewhat ironic to see Sinn Fein campaigning for Irish Unity whilst the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charles Flanagan, freely admits the EU controls the Irish border.

Alan stated “I find it very strange to hear “Republicans” wax lyrically about Irish independence whilst sitting in the Northern Ireland Assembly they opposed, drawing down wages and expenses funded by UK taxpayers whilst campaigning to cede powers & sovereignty to an unaccountable, undemocratic, supranational EU superstate, which is beholden to large corporations and is the cause of wage compression for lower skilled jobs.

“On 23rd June let us vote for real democracy and let us vote for the real Independence Day.”


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