Farmers will back leaving the EU

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Farmers will back leaving the EU

UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster says farm incomes will continue to decline whilst in the EU.

In light of the NFU revealing that the profitability of UK farming fell by a staggering 29% in 2015 ( a loss of over £1.5 billion) Alan Day stated “The Pro EU SNP Scottish Government has also admitted Scottish farm incomes have declined by 55% in four years & DARD in Northern Ireland has confirmed the figure is 40% in Northern Ireland.

It seems that the NFU has largely ignored their own report. which concluded “Price changes due to a Brexit have a positive impact on farm incomes in all sectors under the FTA and WTO-default scenario.”

Brexit would allow farmers to do better if the Government continues with the current level of area payments and the Government would be better off too. The UK currently contributes an estimated €7.9bn to the CAP budget, from which its farmers receive €3.8bn. The current level of area payments can be retained with a saving of €4.1bn.

I have no doubt that the EU will cut CAP funding in the future which will adversely affect farming incomes and all this before the EU signs the TTIP trade deal with the USA, CETA with Canada and the EU-Mercusor deal with the South American trade bloc.”


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