Ireland would work hard to maintain the Common Travel Area

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Ireland would work hard to maintain the Common Travel Area

UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster Alan Day has welcomed Irish government commitments to work hard to retain the UK & Ireland Common Travel Area which significantly predates EU membership.

Irish Minister Charles Flanagan says that “the border’s destiny would not be determined by the sole wishes of the Irish and British governments. The outcome would be the result of a wider negotiation involving all of the EU ”

It is with great irony in the centenary year of the 1916 Easter Rising where Irish Nationalists & Republicans have been celebrating Irish Independence that we have the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs freely admitting that the Irish government has given away sovereignty to the undemocratic European Union.

However despite the scaremongering headlines it is good to read in the full statement that “In the event that the UK voted to leave the EU, customs posts would not of course be set up overnight. A negotiation period of two years or more would apply. Ireland would work hard with the UK and with our EU partners to avoid customs posts being established and to preserve the benefits of the Common Travel Area as a whole.”


Further info:

Speech by Minister Flanagan on the UK referendum on its EU membership – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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