UKIP support for science and education

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UKIP support for science and education

UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster has outlined his commitments to science and education.

Alan stated “The Institute Of Physics in Ireland is eager to work with MLAs in the new assembly to help champion science and raise awareness of the importance of physics to Northern Ireland. As someone involved in the IT industry I welcome their manifesto and commend it wholeheartedly. STEM subjects are of vital importance and UKIP are proposing the removal of tuition fees for students taking approved degrees in Science, Medicine, Technology, Engineering and Maths on the condition that they work in their discipline and pay tax in the UK for five years after completion of their degrees.

“It is unacceptable that only 14% of registered teachers have any kind of
science or maths degree and that two thirds of all physics teachers in Northern Ireland are employed in grammar schools”

Nor is it acceptable that many non-selective schools do not offer Physics at A Level”

As such I am fully committed to their aims below.

– Review the primary curriculum and explore ways to re-introduce a separate science subject into primary schools

– Conduct a review to identify and tackle the barriers to physics becoming a realistic option to pursue at A-level for all students

– Invest in opportunities to increase the supply of STEM trained teachers, particularly physics teachers, including offering new funding to train and attract new teachers in Northern Ireland

– Commit to providing funding to close the gap between universities in Northern Ireland and England

– Work with industry to review the manufacturing base in Northern Ireland and identify opportunities for growth in physics-based industries

– Look to implement the recommendation from the 2009 Review of STEM to appoint a national STEM adviser and ensure that they have the ear of the Northern Ireland Executive.

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