UKIP denounce Labour plans to give away sovereignty

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UKIP denounce Labour plans to give away sovereignty

UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster Alan Day has denounced plans by pro EU members of the Labour party to `reform the EU`

Alan stated “So the Deputy leader of Labour has let the cat out of the bag. He and his cohorts in their letter to the Guardian say that British sovereignty is gone and call for an EU trans-national economic & political union.”

UKIP have been warning about the true nature of the EU for decades. Only by voting to leave the undemocratic EU can we take back control of our country.”
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‘The choice is not exit or surrender but how we transform Europe’ | Letters | Politics | The Guardian

Grassroots Out in Belfast

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Grassroots Out in Belfast

Mid Ulster UKIP candidate, Alan Day, has welcomed the Grassroots Out rally to Belfast & Northern Ireland.
UKIP at Grassroots Out in Belfast 2016
The UKIP Assembly candidate team at the Grassroots Out rally at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast (From left to right – Alan Day, Brian Higginson, Cllr Donna Anderson, Cllr Noel Jordan, Cllr David Jones, Stephen Crosby, Alan Love & Jonny Lavery)
Alan Day stated “It is great to see a fantastic turnout here in Belfast for the Grassroots Out campaign. I welcome the truly cross party support the campaign has been able to garner and look forward to helping make the eurosceptic case for leaving the undemocratic EU and taking back control of our country. Let`s GO and make the 23rd of June Independence Day.”

Grassroots Out rally in Belfast

Nigel Farage in Northern Ireland

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Nigel Farage in Northern Ireland

Mid Ulster UKIP candidate, Alan Day, has welcomed the recent visit to Northern Ireland by party leader Nigel Farage

UKIP`s Nigel Farage & Alan Day

​Party leader Nigel Farage and Mid Ulster candidate Alan Day 2/3/16

Alan Day stated “The debate between Nigel & the Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Vernon Coaker, was very informative. It was a welcome break to see normal UK politics operating in the province.”

“It was also fabulous to see so many young people at the debate taking an interest in politics.

“I am looking forward to seeing Nigel again later this week at the Grassroot Out rally in the Titanic Centre, Belfast along with other eurosceptic voices from Labour, Conservative, DUP, TUV and UKIP NI speakers.”

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UKIP Northern Ireland Assembly team 2016
Party leader Nigel Farage, UKIP NI leader David McNarry MLA and Assembly candidate team at the University of Ulster on Tuesday 2nd March for the debate with Labour`s Vernon Coaker organised by the Centre for Democracy & Peace.

Mid Ulster UKIP candidate Alan Day managed to have a word with Nigel Farage after the debate at the University of Ulster organised by Centre for the Democracy & Peace – you can view the video below.